Visual Artist



I attended the scientific high school and graduated in a scientific university with honors.

During my university years I created a startup based on a device that I patented, winning numerous awards and getting passionate about the tech world. In this journey I studied web design, 3D graphics, game development and started a second startup about digitization in art.

Immediately after graduation I discovered NFTs and plunged into them until I put science and startups aside for a few years. Now I divide myself between these two worlds.

In my adolescence I began to be passionate about the world of psychedelia, meant as anthropological, scientific and spiritual research.

I started to publish my poems on Facebook in 2010, in search of a perfect medium I experimented with painting, music, singing, until I discovered video making, video games development and 3D animations that are now my main form of expression.

In this art I have found the perfect tool to create entire parallel worlds, represent my visions and out-of-bodyexperiences. Through my videos I want to open a door to an intimate universe, which exists only through me.

About me

Claudio Bel is an italian-alien multidisciplinary artist. His works are intimate compositions with symbolic meanings, a reflection of himself and his history. Although he is a man of science, he has always shared a strong bond with the arts: from poetry to painting, singing and playing the guitar. In this regard, it is no surprise that Leonardo da Vinci is one of his favorite artists. Indeed, according to Claudio, the combination of science and spirituality is the key to understanding the universe, since science explains the basis of life and spirituality is the knowledge of something greater, and without one of these two perspectives our vision is always unbalanced. As he experimented with video game development, 3D art unexpectedly entered his life. Almost for fun, recording videos of his videogame creations, he realized the expressive potential of 3D and, in March 2021, he decided to explore the world of NFTs. Claudio was looking for a way to combine music with poetry and visual arts and the creation of 3D animations combined with the technological potential of NFTs gave him that freedom of expression and that ability to experiment that he had been looking for for a long time. We watch him explore worlds and ideas beyond our own, fascinated by lucid dreaming and the concept of other realms and dimensions, Claudio tries to express how all that exists is interconnected and his works represent precisely his meaning of unity. His art is a window into the artist’s world, and at the same time speaks to our inner truth, it is an intimate expression of the artist that creates a very personal connection with the viewer. He explains: ”I am influenced by psychedelia, meant as exploration and manifestation of the mind, but I don’t like to use the classic psychedelic style, in my works I try to describe what exists beyond, in what I call the 9th layer. Beyond the world of bright colors and euphoria, beyond fractal geometries, there is a deep universe of information, less glittering and more mysterious and that’s what I try to picture through my art. To do this I take inspiration from visual art, poetry, music, cinema and many other forms of expression. I think the arts should influence each other going beyond the supports and the various techniques to communicate a deep meaning, perceptible with every sense.” For some years he has been actively working to bring together artists and collectors within an international community called PSYFAM-PSYDAO which today has hundreds of members. His works have been exhibited in New York for NFTNYC 2022, in London during NFTLONDON 2022 in Davos in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum 2023 and in Italy during various group exhibitions and a solo exhibition. Claudio believes that his mission, as an artist, is to bring his experience of the world of ideas into this reality, always finding different ways to connect these two parallel universes. In conclusion, it is really difficult to fit his fluid and mysterious art into a scheme, the only way to experience it is to immerse yourself in one of his works and see, hear and feel.

Biography freely adapted from an article on Insistrum

by Celium Grey – Art Historian and Writer

New York

During the NFYNYC 2022 event I had the honor of being selected by SHILLR to exhibit my NFT Ascension on their exhibitvan which toured the streets of New York for days giving me the opportunity to exhibit for the first time my art to an international audience together with other talented artists.